Today, reflecting on my story, I want girls
to believe that we can do anything

IO DONNA, Corriere della Sera


The novel “Le favole del comunismo” tells the story of two women named Ari. One is a young girl growing up in Albania during the 1980s and 1990s, where shoes are a luxury and she often goes barefoot. The other Ari is a woman living in modern-day Milan, enjoying abundance and spending hours in the shower with organic shampoos. Despite their differing circumstances, they share similarities in beauty and identity. Anita Likmeta, with tenderness and irony, with joy and ruthlessness, debuts in the novel and tells us about a childhood where, sometimes, pissing herself was the only way to warm up.


To innovate is man’s constant aspiration: it is human nature to think for projects, to continually aim for the future. The logic of innovation today lays its foundations on the need to push towards the containment and optimization of resources, in a world where 8 billion people have to live together.

Anita Likmeta e una nuova vita in Italia


Anita Likmeta e una nuova vita in Italia

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