We must lead the way for everyone and change the rules. From that point of view, I believe that networking can be very powerful. And yes, we are still offering role models!
IO DONNA, Corriere della Sera

What INNOVATION means to me

Innovation is the great opportunity to emancipate ourselves and improve our living conditions. To innovate is a constant human aspiration: it is our nature to think in terms of projects and to always aim for the future.

Today, the idea of innovation is based on the need to push for the optimization and efficient use of resources in a world where 8 billion people have to live together. Innovation is therefore the constant exploration of the balance between what we can still take from the past and what must be radically changed.





Young people

What are the future prospects for our young people? The world of work is changing, but change cannot be divorced from the comprehensive capacity of complexity. The future is a constant present, with its roots in everyone’s past.


Independence, autonomy, gender equality and wages: these are the battles that we as women must face together.


Every being is an opportunity to explore each other on different levels: knowledge, language, traditions and lifestyle. That exploration and discovery of others is the basis of an inclusive society capable of emancipating itself by joining in and with the new.